We're so proud to show off our beautifully crafted new retail packs of dry quinoa grain. Our packaging has been designed to reflect our commitment to both the environment and to healthy eating, we hope you love it as much as we do.

We've added handy cooking instructions and one of our favourite recipes to each pack, so whether you're a quinoa pro or are totally new to it, creating great tasting grains is easy! Take a look through our growing range below:

We have recently been approved by the Vegetarian Society for all our products.

British White Quinoa

Hailed as a super food for the 21st century, quinoa seemed the perfect addition to our family’s farm when we discovered it a decade ago. Little did we know quite where it would lead! It’s taken many years of research but we’ve finally cracked it, enabling us to produce a fantastic British-grown  product. Our quinoa makes a great alternative to rice, couscous and pasta, having a great nutty flavour and providing the perfect base for a wide range of dishes.

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British Organic Quinoa

No artificial fertilisers and absolutely no pesticides, just natural soil, water and sunshine... that’s what goes into growing our organic British quinoa! This is great for the environment as we work in harmony with nature to carefully balance between the nutrients that we add in and take out of the soil, helping to reduce pollution into rivers and streams. Wildlife benefits too, as more weeds are often present in organic crops providing a vital source of food for pollinating insects such as bees... and they need all the help we can give them!

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British Smoked Quinoa

Our British take on an authentically South American flavour! We’ve teamed up with our local smokery where they use a unique blend of woods to lightly smoke our quinoa grains, helping to give your meal an extra depth of flavour. Smoked quinoa should be cooked in exactly the same way as unsmoked quinoa, just without rinsing prior to cooking to ensure that the delicious smokey flavour is not lost. Smoked quinoa grains work really well in a Mexican-style chilli or a Moroccan tagine, in place of rice or couscous.

How do we create our smoked quinoa?
It all starts with selecting the right types of wood to give us the perfect balance of flavour. Here's how we do it...

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British Toasted Quinoa

Toasted grains are right on trend now, but they have been a firm family favourite of ours for several years. We love them because these little grains punch well above their weight in flavour, providing satisfying notes of caramel and peanut. The great thing is that they can be used in all of your favourite quinoa recipes, to make them just that little bit different.

It’s taken plenty of trial and error to get the desired toasted flavour on our grains. We’ve found that it all comes down to toasting at exactly the right temperature, but that of course is a closely guarded secret!

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Exciting times ahead, we're really close to launching our new retail packs of British-grown organic and toasted quinoa. More news will be coming soon, so sign up to our newsletter to hear it hot off the press.