Our delicious new pouches of British-grown quinoa are a nutritious and convenient choice for busy households.
We've crafted each flavour to complement a wide range of dishes, providing a base that can easily be built upon and allowing you to be creative in the kitchen. Pre-cooked and ready to eat after just 2 minutes in the microwave, we've provided a simple recipe suggestion on each pack for quick meal inspiration!

Lemon & Herb

Lemon & Herb Quinoa

Description: A perfect blend of lemon and herb quinoa perfect for serving with chicken.

Ingredients: Cooked Quinoa (86%)(Water,Quinoa), Parsley (4%), Rapeseed Oil, Concentrated Lemon Juice (3%), Citrus Fibre, Oregano (0.5%), Salt, Thyme (0.2%), Black Pepper, Rosemary (0.1%)

Suitability: Vegetarian, vegans.

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Black Olive & Pesto Quinoa

Black Olive & Pesto

Description: Delicious quinoa mixed with black olives and pesto, perfect served with chicken.

Ingredients: Cooked (73%)(Water, Quinoa), Italian Medium Fat Hard Cheese (8%)(Milk, Salt Vegetarian Rennet), Basil (4.7%), Olive Oil, Citrus Fibre, Salt, Black Pepper, Lime Juice Concentrate.
For Allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.

Suitability: Vegetarian, not suitable vegans, not suitable Kosher.

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Plain Lightly Seasoned Quinoa

Plain Lightly Seasoned

Description: Delicious lightly seasoned quinoa, perfect for any meal occasion.

Ingredients: Cooked quinoa (95%)(Water, Quinoa), Sunflower Oil, Citrus Fibre, Salt, Black Pepper.

Suitability: Vegetarian, vegans.

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Apricot & Harissa Quinoa

Apricot & Harissa

Description: A spicy blend of quinoa with harissa spices with apricot, perfect with lamb.

Ingredients: Cooked Quinoa (67%)(Quinoa, Water), Onion, Apricots (7%), Harissa Paste (5.8%)(Red Chilli, Salt, Garlic Coriander, Caraway), Honey, Rapeseed Oil, Citrus Fibre, Garlic Puree, Onion Powder, Salt, Red Chilli (0.1%).

Suitability: Vegetarian.

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