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Bulk Supply

 Are you looking for a reliable ingredients supplier? Then look no further!

The majority of our product range is available to be supplied in bulk as an ingredient into food manufacture. This is one of our key routes to market and we are always happy to work with our customers to manufacture new products that meet their NPD requirements. If there are specific quinoa-based value added products that you would like us to explore for you, then please get in touch.

We are able to supply the following products in bulk, all grown and manufactured in Britain:

  • White quinoa grain (A staple in both salad and ambient grain ranges)
  • Organic white quinoa grain (Organically grown white quinoa, produced in collaboration with our dedicated team of growers)
  • Toasted quinoa grain (Gently toasted to give a rich flavour. Excellent for adding notes of caramel and peanut to product ranges)
  • Smoked quinoa grain (These grains have been traditionally wood smoked, providing a distinctive flavour)
  • Quinoa flakes (Gently steamed, flaked and then toasted, used for baking, cereal bars, and in place of rolled porridge oats)
  • Quinoa flour (Provides a nutty flavour and crumbly texture to biscuits and cakes)
  • Quinoa puffs (Ready to be added directly into breakfast cereals and cereal bars)
  • Cooked quinoa (Cooked and ready for inclusion into prepared salad ranges. Fresh or extended shelf life options are available)
  • Peruvian red and black quinoa (These varieties are in our breeding programme, but until they are ready to be grown commercially, we supply South American-grown alternatives)

We are able to provide a wide range of supply options to help meet the requirements of your business, including:

  • Single or multiple 25kg bags
  • Part pallet, full pallet or multiple pallet deliveries starting from a minimum order quantity of 125kg
  • Fixed or flexible contract supply over a set period
  • Bulk pallet deliveries ranging from 10mt to full 20mt loads

Each supply option has a tailored pricing plan to allow customers to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for their business requirements.

To request a free product sample or a copy of our full product brochure, please contact our director Stephen Jones directly using or by calling our office on 01939 270777.

Food Service

Due to popular demand from food service, caterers and chefs, we've recently developed our own brand catering range which consists of 1kg and 5kg packs of our British white, organic, toasted and smoked quinoa, as well as Peruvian red and black quinoa. For more information please contact us using and we'll get back to you with out latest trade price list.