I'm a 6th generation farmer...

Our farm has been in our family since my grandparents began farming here 80 years ago, and it has been the centre of our quinoa business since we started. With fantastic views of the Welsh hills in the distance, we’re situated in a picturesque and peaceful part of the world, which if you use your imagination as you look over our quinoa fields, it can often look fairly similar to quinoa’s indigenous home in the Andes. The climate in our area is mild and our soils are fertile, which is ideally suited to growing a great crop of British quinoa.

My Grandad George
My Gran Dorothy


We do our best to care for the environment here!

We aim to leave valuable habitats untouched while also striving to create new areas for wildlife to thrive. Quinoa in itself is great for the farmed environment, by providing the wildlife in our area with a new habitat in which it can live. We often see a panoply of different insects living within the crop, drawn by the fleshy nature of the leaves. One of the key things we can do to assist biodiversity is to provide a wide range of habitats, and quinoa fits in nicely with other major agricultural crops such as wheat, barley and oilseed rape, helping to make the landscape just that little bit different.


Want to meet the British Quinoa team?

We are a small but rapidly growing business, based on our family farm in Shropshire. The business is run by Stephen Jones, along with his father Edward, and we have worked together to establish quinoa as a British crop.