The British Quinoa Company is the UK's largest quinoa producer, supplying supermarkets and food manufacturers alike with our British grown quinoa grains. From the start, we've grown as much quinoa as we can on our own family farm in Shropshire, but as we expanded, we've taken on additional quinoa growers from across the UK to help meet demand. We always welcome hearing from conventional and organic growers who are interested. 

Growing quinoa can provide the following benefits : 

• A new spring sown broad-leaved combinable crop 
• An excellent break for wheat 
• High potential returns to the grower 
• Harvest after wheat 

We are looking to expand our production area by offering a limited number of production contracts to additional growers. We are seeking conventional and organic growers with: 

• Well-structured and fertile soils 
• The ability to sow at precise seeding depths 
• A low weed burden and ability to control weeds 
• Batch drying facilities 
• A high level of attention to detail 

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity and how it may fit within your rotation, then please feel free to contact Stephen Jones on 01939 270777 or email at: