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The majority of our product range is available to be supplied in bulk as an ingredient into food manufacture. This is one of our key routes to market and we are always happy to work with our customers to manufacture new products that meet their NPD requirements. If there are specific quinoa-based value added products that you would like us to explore for you, then please get in touch.

Our Quinoa

Widely regarded as a 'Superfood', quinoa has rapidly risen to the very top as one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Quinoa was once held as sacred to ancient civilisations, being referred to as 'chisoya mama' or 'The mother grain' as it was used to feed hungry armies. In modern times quinoa is once again being revered for its excellent levels of protein, fibre and minerals, as well as being low in glycemic index (GI), which has led to the crops resurgence within the healthy eating sector. This has led to the replacement of many previously staple food stuffs such as rice, couscous and pasta with our more nutritious quinoa grains.

Growing trends towards gluten-free foods has also ensured demand for quinoa continues to grow, and our range of grains, flakes, flour and puffs are the perfect choice for new product development within this sector.

White Quinoa

Our white quinoa is a staple in both salad and ambient grain ranges, where it is often used for the grains excellent nutritional value and unique texture.

Grown to our own high specification and processed in modern BRC Grade AA facilities, you can trust that our quinoa is among the best quality in the world.

Organic White Quinoa

Our organic white quinoa is perfect for use in ambient grain ranges and further processing, where a truly sustainable product is essential.

Certified by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) and traceable back to individual farms, we process all of our organic quinoa within modern BRC accredited facilities.

Smoked Quinoa

These grains have been traditionally wood smoked, providing a distinctive flavour that’s perfect for use within prepared salads, especially to complement Mexican and Moroccan flavours.

Created by slowly smoking our quinoa for 48 hours using a mixture of oak, ash and beech, to provide an aroma that’s perfectly sweet and balanced.

Quinoa Flakes

Our quinoa flakes are an excellent choice for inclusion within a wide range of baked goods. They are perfect for appealing to the health-conscious consumer, and work well partnered with oats.

We make our flakes by firstly gently steaming our quinoa grains, before they are flaked and then toasted to create a large flake with a delicate flavour.

Quinoa Flour

Our quinoa flour is suitable for use within a wide range of baked and extruded goods, being gluten free and with a light neutral flavour. 

We fully cook our quinoa grains to denature any degrading enzymes which would otherwise effect the flavour, prior to milling to the desired fine particle size.

Quinoa Puffs

Our light and fluffy quinoa puffs are ready to eat, perfect for adding into products where no further cooking is essential.

Created by applying heat and pressure to our grains, this causes the air inside to expand rapidly and ‘puff’ the grain. We utilise a modern BRC accredited facility to create this product.

Cooked Quinoa

Cooked and ready for inclusion into prepared salad ranges, the perfect alternative to rice, couscous and pasta. 

Our manufacturing partners are able to provide MAP packed and IQF versions to suit specific requirements.

Peruvian Red Quinoa

Perfect for adding colour and contrast to grain mixes, these red quinoa grains can be easily blended to create a speckled effect.

We planted our first crop of British red quinoa back in 2017 and are gradually working to replace all our imported red quinoa with our own British version as soon as we can.

Peruvian Black Quinoa

Similar to the red quinoa, our black quinoa is great for blending with other grains for creating an interesting visual effect.

In terms of nutritional benefits, there's no difference between the black and red quinoa grains, it's purely a difference in the natural skin colour between them.

Additional ingredients

We do more than just growing quinoa, and we're experts in sourcing a wide range of both British and imported ingredients for our network of customers including bakeries, food manufacturers and contract packers. We currently supply the following ingredients:



Long grain white rice

White rice is traditionally used in a wide range of dishes and is a good starting point when it comes to product development.

Long grain brown rice

Our brown rice has a higher fibre content than white rice, making it a healthier choice for dishes. It has a light and nutty flavour, and should be serves with a slight al dente bite.

Red rice

Perfect for adding colour and giving a premium feel, red rice can provide an excellent contrast to other ingredients. 

Black rice

A deeper hue of colour than red rice, our black rice is a premium grain which can be used on its own of mixed with other coloured rices. 

Green Lentils

High in protein and able to retain its shape after cooking, our green lentils are perfect for adding to salads, casseroles, moussaka and bakes as examples.

Dark Green Speckled Lentils

The most  attractive lentil with green and blue marbling, often referred to 'Puy-type' lentils. This is the most premium lentil and is a great addition to hot and cold salad dishes as well as in soups and casseroles.

Split Red Lentils

This is the most common lentil and are commonly used in Indian cookery. These lentils disintegrate when cooked and form a thick and rich texture, perfect for dhals. 

Green split peas

Our British-grown green split peas are commonly used for soups and casseroles and dhals. High in protein and fibre and low in fat, there is no need to soak prior to cooking.

Marrowfat peas

Our British-grown marrowfat peas have a myriad of uses, from making mushy peas to being used for soups and snacks. This pea is incredibly versatile and the UK is regarded as one of the top producers.


Our hulled buckwheat grains are a popular ingredient for adding to a range of prepared salads or used as a flour to make buckwheat pancakes.

Whole brown lentils, yellow split peas and split beans and are also available upon request.

We offer a comprehensive sourcing service for our customers, therefore if there are any products not shown here which you would like for us to source then please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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