December 05 2019

We've had a busy few weeks moving into our new office! It's been a long process, but it's safe to say we are all happy campers in the new and somewhat improved home of The British Quinoa Company!

For our new office, we decided to convert some of our old barns on the farm. They were derelict and needed a complete renovation, so here is the story, from start to finish.  

Our journey began in December 2018. This is a picture of the barn before any of the work started.

British Quinoa office renovations before

By February the office was starting to come along quite nicely. In this photo, although it may look a long way off, we've repaired some of the walls and stripped the floor back.   

British Quinoa office renovations before outside    

In April, we would have got a little wet during the April showers as the roof was taken off ready for the new one to go on. 

We also decided to keep all the original beams to retain the heritage of the building. By this point, they had all been sandblasted to restore them to their former glory!

British Quinoa office renovations just started   British Quinoa office renovations just started   

In the spring, the next phase brought the new office a little more to life. We added in the breeze blocks, partition walls and doorways! From this point, you could start to visualise the rooms within the office: the main office, meeting room and storeroom.

British Quinoa office renovations    British Quinoa office renovations

The start of the British summer brought us some underfloor heating and actual flooring! Here in this photo, you can see the underfloor heating going in, followed by the flooring.

British Quinoa office renovations underfloor heating   British Quinoa office renovations underfloor heating installed

We were getting closer to the finishing line by the end of summer! Windows were going in, and things were starting to take shape.

British Quinoa office renovations new windows

Plasterboards went up, plastering began, and the count down was then on until we could move in! 

British Quinoa office renovations plastering    

At the end of September, we were finally able to make the move (from across the garden) into the new office. It was a true team effort and it couldn’t come at a better time, as those portacabins were pretty cold during the winter.

Its been a great process and being able to see the progress every few days was rather enjoyable. We’re looking forward to growing The British Quinoa Company from our new headquarters, The Caterpillar House! 

British Quinoa office renovations completed outside    British Quinoa office renovations completed inside